Fuel Coaching with Adriaan van der Walt


As a life and business coach I believe that each individual has within them everything they need to reach their potential and live an authentic and purposeful life. We all have the fuel inside of us to become great – all we need is to ignite our purpose and live meaningful lives.

Together, through the coaching process, we will nurture the belief that everything is complete and not limited in any way.  That we, as individuals, are adequate and valid, sufficiently good and yet capable of making mistakes, of being wrong and having failings. This shared human experience guides us through change, towards action. 


Coaching is the art of facilitating another person’s learning, development, well-being and performance.  Find out more about the coaching process and how it can change your life and business. 

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After being in the corporate environment in financial services for 19 years Adriaan decided to follow his passion for helping people to discover that all they need to live a fuelled life is a belief in their own abilities.

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We begin with a 30 minute exploratory meeting either in person or remotely.

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“A person’s passion is the fuel that drives their purpose.”

Laurie Buchanan, PhD

“Adriaan has the exceptional ability to really connect with people. His deep understanding of human relationships is tangible and beautiful. Not to be taken lightly, he is wise and uncompromising when it comes to professionalism and integrity. If you are looking for a true accountability partner I would highly recommend Adriaan”


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